3 Top Blogging Outreach Mistakes You Must Avoid

3 Top Blogging Outreach Mistakes You Must Avoid

One of the most unique tactics that benefit different facets of a business’s digital marketing is blogging outreach. Authoritative sources cite it as an excellent tool for branding purposes because it can increase your exposure, boost your credibility and also build trust in your business. Moreover, when it comes to enhancing and optimizing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, blogging outreach is the key for providing you a solid backlink foundation. A reliable and effective blogger outreach strategy begins with a selection of prospective websites that have a high trust rating, domain authority and other important metrics.

However, these blogs don’t just hand out their links to any business because they also have to maintain their authoritative status and this can make blogging outreach quite challenging. In trying to convince these influential bloggers, businesses end up making some mistakes that can cost them a relationship with that blogger. Listed below are the top mistakes you need to avoid in order to launch a successful blogging outreach campaign:

Blogging Outreach Mistakes

Asking without offering anything

Most bloggers, if not all, are aware of the value of being mentioned and cited in a high quality post. Therefore, the best way to get their attention is to think about linking to one of their post and informing them of this via email. Instead of mentioning your true intention of getting a link in return, you first need to focus on creating a positive first impression. It is best to create a post that can be linked with prospective blogs and other resources. Yes, it requires time and effort, but pays off when you get a good response from blogs that are relevant niche-wise. Even if your email is ignored, the outbound links will also benefit your SEO and also your visitors.

Sending the email quickly

Hundreds of emails are sent as part of a blogger outreach campaign due to which businesses often end up using a template to speed up the process. However, every email still needs to be personalized manually to ensure it is for the intended recipient. This is where certain mistakes are committed like crediting the wrong author, making a spelling mistake in the blogger’s name or not adding links. Before sending the email quickly, it is recommended that you read it at least once to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Pitching old content

If you are pitching a guest post to a potential blogger, proposing something they have already done before is simply a waste of time. This will give an impression that you have never visited their blog and are just trying to use them for their subscribers. You can use some blogging outreach tools to scan their blog for the content that has already been published. Even if you are selecting an already discussed topic, you need to make it unique through various repurposing strategies such as changing perspectives, creating infographics or doing a video.

Also, use a friendly approach and not an informal one to get a good responsive from potential bloggers for your blogging outreach campaign.

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