How Exactly Do You Define a High-Quality Backlink?

How Exactly Do You Define a High-Quality Backlink?

When it comes to search engine optimization of your website, the word you hear the most is “quality”. Whether you are putting up new content on your website or having a blog post link back to your web page, you have to use only high-quality content. Any backlinks to your website from any source have to be of high quality as well. The challenge here for many website owners is to understand the concept of high quality. Isn’t a link coming from a website to your web page a high-quality link in the first place? How do you know the links directing people to your website are of low quality?

There are many ways to identify high-quality backlinks and have more of them to boost the ranking of your website in search pages.

The Salient Features of a High-quality Backlink

Comes from a Trustable Website

The first feature of a high-quality backlink is that it comes from a trustable website. The first thing you want to do is to avoid any websites that are not considered “good” by the search engine. For example, you would not want your backlinks to be coming from adult websites. In addition to that, you would want the backlinks to be coming from a website that has a high PageRank. PageRank, also written shortly as PR, is the importance of the page in the eye of the search engine. In this particular case, this search engine is Google.

Google has a detailed algorithm that helps it decide what the PageRank of a web page is. The higher the PageRank, the more importance the search engine will give to that the web page. Before you decide to have your backlink appear on a web page, you want to know its PageRank. You have to keep in mind that when you look at the PR of a website, it might actually be a few points lower or higher than the actual PR. At the same time, you can’t really ever tell what algorithms Google is using to calculate the PR of a web page. It keeps on going up and down with the passage of time. However, you should be targeting pages whose PR remains in the high range most of the times.

Originates from a Relevant Web Page

Another important thing that decides whether or not the backlink is of high quality is the relevance of the page from where the backlink is coming. Of course, Google pays close attention to the relevance of the content with the keywords and the links within the content. If your content is about airplanes but the link is going to a web page about dish antennas, the search engine giant might have some problem with you. So, you have to make sure that the page on which the backlink is located and the web page to which it directs the website visitors are relevant to each other.

There was a time when this particular factor did not matter much. Today, it matters a lot after the recent algorithm updates from Google. If the pages that are linked to each other are not relevant to each other, you might find your website in trouble very soon.

Anchor Text Makes Sense

If your backlinks are coming from some web page, it is understood that they are contained within a written piece. You can’t just link any word in the post to another website’s page. What you have to make sure is that the anchor text i.e. the text which is hyperlinked, is relevant to the content of the landing page. You have to perform some detailed search on the keywords that are most relevant to the content of the page of your website. You then have to come up with anchor texts that make the most sense in context of your web page.

Here, it is important to realize the importance of repetition or non-repetition for that matter. You can’t keep on linking the same anchor text to the same page from the same website over and over. This can get your website punished in fact. You want to come up with different variations of the anchor text and those variations for the backlinks. At the same time, you have to be sure that only one or two backlinks are originating from the same page. If you have too many backlinks coming to your website from the same web page on another website, and they are using the same anchor text, these links will be considered weak and of low quality.

Present in an Ideal Length of Content

Believe it or not, Google gives weight to long content. This was not the case a few years ago, but it matters today. When you write some content for the marketing of your website, especially SEO, you have to be sure that it is at least more than 1000 words. The ideal length of the content that makes Google happy is 2000 words. You can understand why Google demands marketers to use long content. First, it gives an idea about you as to how seriously you are writing the content. If you are writing long content, it will be assumed that it provides some useful information to the readers.

At the same time, long piece of content helps Google decide how much of keyword stuffing has been done. It is not easy to decide whether a keyword used three times in 500 words is too much or not. However, if a keyword has been used two or three times in 2000 words, you can assume that it must have been used naturally.

Bottom Line

There is no search engine bigger than Google today. In the world of search engine optimization, Google’s word is considered the final word. Your SEO strategies revolve around the algorithm changes from this search engine giant. If you want to boost the ranking of your website in a natural way and not get punished, you have to make sure to comply with the rules set by Google. The most important rule that Google promotes in SEO and backlinking techniques is quality.

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