Promote Your Business in a Way That’s Guaranteed to Produce Results

Promote Your Business in a Way That’s Guaranteed to Produce Results

Marketing and promoting your business on the internet is no big deal. The big deal is marketing it SUCCESSFULLY. If internet marketing were so easy, every business would be successfully visible on the internet today. But that’s not the case.

In most cases, small businesses make the mistake of spending their marketing budgets without proper analytical guidance. They rely on their spending rather than their research about the usefulness of the marketing method they are using.

Introducing Blogger Outreach

After every few years, you have a new way of marketing that trumps every other contemporary marketing method. Today, it is blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach is as simple as creating a network of reliable bloggers to promote a brand, its service and products. You have these bloggers post your content on their blogs, review your products, talk about your services, and much more to benefit from their traffic.

In some instances, you can even have these bloggers write attractive and engaging posts for you. The idea is to take advantage of the “influencers” who have the capability and power to mold people’s thoughts, buying decisions, and perspective of things.

What Team Waqar Hassan Does for You

Waqar Hassan’s team at Burgeoning Technologies LLC provides you with blogger outreach services. The idea is to rank your website higher and/or get your products and services noticed by people who can be your potential customers. We do this by using our network of reliable and highly ranking blogs. We create content for these blogs to post for their readers. This content includes links back to your website. If the blogger is reviewing a product or service, the link can direct the readers to your product landing page.

Why Pick Waqar Hassan for Blogger Outreach Campaigning

Here are some of the reasons why you should pick us for blogger outreach.

We Partner with Only High DA and PA Blogs

Perhaps, you could consider doing the entire blogger outreach campaign on your own. However, the biggest, and in a way insurmountable, challenge is to find the blogs with high domain and page authority. High page and domain ranking means that these blogs rank high on the major search engines. Anything that goes on these blogs is instantly noticed by giant search engines like Google and Bing. More importantly, the scrutiny for the validation, authentication, and evaluation of the content is very loose because these blogs have already established trust with search engines. Of which high DA and PA are the proofs.

We Work with Real Bloggers Only

We have carefully selected the bloggers to go into our database of qualifying blogger outreach network. This process of gauging and evaluating the quality of the blogs is always ongoing. At Burgeoning Technologies, we work with real bloggers who post real content. Most importantly, they have real readers reading their content on a regular basis. Bots can view content, like it and rate it. However, they can’t buy your products, can they?

We Only Promote Quality Content

You expect high quality from your trusted brands. The bloggers we use for blogger outreach campaigns for your business have established trust in their readers. There is no way you can convince them to post low-quality, poorly written, and irrelevant content on their blogs. For this reason, you can expect us to promote your business, products, and services, on the blogs that are known for their high quality. Of course, Team Waqar Hassan provides you a comprehensive blogger outreach service, which even includes writing quality posts for you if you need them.

We Place Your Links Manually

We know what automation is and how far software technology can go in helping businesses. There are some things where even the most robust AI technology can’t do as good as real humans. It is easy for us to create a list of relevant blogs by choosing a few keywords and tags, and then automate the process of disseminating your posts to those blogs. However, just because a tag says “finance” does not mean the business covers every aspect of finance that’s relevant to businesses. We place your content on the blogs by manually handpicking them. This ensures that your content goes on the most relevant blogs that can produce the best results for your marketing efforts.

Why Use Blogger Outreach for Your Business

Because Bloggers Matter

Bloggers matter the most when it comes specifically to internet marketing. Recent statistics show that blogging campaigns give new customers to 57% of the marketers who try it. More importantly, blogging companies get their pages index over 400% more than companies that do not blog. (Source)

With hundreds of millions of readers going through millions of blog posts every day, it is a big mistake to ignore bloggers from your marketing campaigns.

Because Search Engines Love Valuable Content

Search engines love valuable content. The average length of a quality Blog post is going up every year. At the moment, you have to have more than 1500 words in your blog post for search engines to consider it of any value. There is no other marketing method that produces content as valuable as blogs do.

Because Bloggers Target Real Prospects

The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is the quality of the audience you are targeting. You can’t be selling refrigerators to an audience with an average age of 16 years. Bloggers have very narrowed down audiences that they have gathered after years of efforts. Reaping the benefits of their audience is the most value you can get out of blogger outreach campaigns.

Because Bloggers Can Give Your Brand Life

One of the biggest problems with banners other visual marketing techniques is that they do not give a voice and face to the brand. On the other hand, bloggers can write reviews, previews, detailed guides, personal opinions, etc. about your products, services or the business as a whole. It gives your business a voice. People have content on which they can base their opinions about your brand. If nothing, they will at least read more about you to authenticate the claims made by the blogger.

If you realize just how important blogger outreach can be for your business to have digital visibility and brand reputation, call us right now so we can start working on ranking your website higher than your competitors.


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