The Advantages of Using Photography Backdrops


Most photographers are aware that one of the most essential features of a good photograph is something that nobody pays attention to; the background. When it works, people go crazy about the photograph and when it doesn’t, they spend a lot of time in trying to figure out why they don’t like the photo. One of the secrets to becoming a skilled and professional photographer is to pay attention to what is behind your subject. This is applicable to all photographs and not just to the ones that you take in your studio. One of the best ways of improving the quality of your shots is to invest in photography backdrops.

Finding any information on photography backdrops is not very difficult, but sorting through the numerous options that are available in the market is a completely different matter altogether. What should you go for? Canvas, paper, vinyl or muslin and whether they should be printed, plain, painted or patterned. This is not very different from deciding what to order when you are looking at a Chinese dinner menu. There is a lot of choice, but limiting yourself to just one may feel like a near impossibility.

There are various inexpensive substitutes to photography backdrops, such as a plain wall or a bedsheet. However, you will soon come to realize that you will get what you pay for. It will become apparent that using photography backdrops is an excellent idea irrespective of your wish to reduce your expenses. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that you need to select the right photography backdrops for every single shoot. Obviously, it is not possible to try out every one of the photography backdrops that you have.

As a photographer you have to develop a good instinct about which backdrop to use. You don’t want your photography backdrops to overwhelm the subjects; you want them to enhance the photograph as a whole. There are a wide array of benefits that photography backdrops have to offer to a photographer and some of the most prominent ones are outlined below:


Quality photography backdrops can provide many years of service, particularly if you care for them properly. Yes, the life of the backdrop can also depend on the material used so you should pay a lot of attention to the kind of photography backdrops you are purchasing. As long as you consider their durability, you will be able to enjoy a long-term solution for your studio or even when taking pictures outside.

Variety of colors

If you are after clutter-free images, you should invest in some solid-color backgrounds. As they don’t have any patterns, these solid-color photography backdrops can be extremely helpful if you are doing photo composites. For this purpose, you can invest in white seamless paper and it will not leave a green colorcast as is common when a chroma-key background is used. This doesn’t mean that you cannot create different looks with solid-color photography backdrops. These can be lit up with a variety of colors and you can also add interesting shapes through cut-outs if you want.


Another huge advantage that photography backdrops offer to you is their versatility. You can find several colors in seamless paper backdrops and if they get dirt on them, you can simply cut off those parts and start again. Patterned backdrops, such as painted canvas or muslin or floor photography backdrops that replicate wood or brick can also be a great substitute when you don’t have access to the real thing or if the weather is preventing you. If you are going on location, these photography backdrops can be used for covering any unwanted elements. Even when you are shooting in the studio, several photography backdrops enable you to easily change the feel and look of your images, all in the same shoot.


If you are a photographer who does a lot of headshot images or corporate portraits, professional photography backdrops can be extremely useful in creating a look that is repeatable and consistent. Canvas backdrops can turn out to be a great choice for sophisticated portraits as they provide an opulent and classic scene.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you opt to use photography backdrops. But, as mentioned earlier, the choice of backdrops can make a huge difference in the outcome. Hence, when you are out shopping for photography backdrops, there are certain factors you should keep in mind. What are they? Let’s take a look:


Similar to other things in life, you will get what you pay for, which means that quality will have a higher price. Don’t try to go for cheap photography backdrops because they will not last long and will not create the look you want.


If you have the habit of shooting outside of the studio as well, you should invest your money in photography backdrops that can be transported easily. Canvas, vinyl and muslin are a lot easier to transport as compared to seamless paper because they can be rolled up or folded. As seamless are usually available on a roll, your ability of moving them will be limited. Plus, you can also invest in some collapsible photography backdrops as they are excellent for on-location shooting.

Additional Equipment

For providing the best setup, you shouldn’t just think about the photography backdrops; you should also think about getting a backdrop stand or kit and also studio lighting equipment for getting the most professional images.

Proper Storage

There are some photography backdrops that are more suitable for different settings. Canvas, seamless and vinyl backdrops are quite heavy so they need support whereas seamless paper rolls have to be stored vertically because they are heavy and long. Make sure you store them the right way in order to increase their durability and get the most out of them.

With the variety of selections available, it will not be difficult for you to find photography backdrops that will be in accordance with your shooting style.

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