The Two Unique Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rise Further in 2020

The world of digital marketing is dynamic beyond any imaginations. While one are still trying to wrap their head around a new trend, there is something newer happening out there already. For this reason, there are new trends in digital marketing almost every year.

Of course, it is not as though these trends suddenly take birth with the start of the year. Instead, they are always there in their early stages. It is just that one associates their rise and fall with years to mark “remembrance” points in the memory.

Just like every year, 2020 is going to see the rise of some new digital marketing trends. Quite a few of them are already in the making. However, the two trends that are really going to have some influence in the future include the following.

Audio Ads for Smart Homes

Home security systems are something that people can easily identify today. They know what they are and the purpose of their existence. However, that’s not the case with smart homes. While the concept has been popularized in the developed countries, the third world countries are not even remotely aware of what smart homes are.

It is quite interesting that in the developed countries, smart homes have become a part of life for the families. So much so that almost every company is trying to jump onto the bandwagon. Google and Amazon are head to head in this department.

These smart homes can help families with just about any query they have about their family members (the registered ones), general knowledge, etc. Families can set alarms, ask the assistant to remember their passwords, turn on the music volume for them, etc.

The one thing common in all of this is “voice”. Families that have these smart homes use their voice commands to activate these devices and give them commands. The integration of video is not really that common as of now. For this reason, it only makes sense for companies to find a way to advertise their brands through voice.

They have to find ingenious ways to do that. And yes, they are doing that in the cleverest ways possible. The idea is to be as non-intrusive as possible. Of course, brands are only going to mar their reputation if they play 20 seconds ads while a person is listening to music.

One of the ways companies have decided to make their brands known to the families through voice assistants is by offering tips, tricks, recipes, and similar help. For example, the family using the smart home can choose a particular brand’s name while asking a question about a certain food or beverage.

For example, John can ask the smart home assistant about burgers by referencing Hardees or McDonald’s. The question can be something like, “Hey Assistant, could you ask McDonald’s what the best sauce will be for my hamburger?”

The Fight for Zero-click Result

This trend has been around and one that’s there right in the faces of the companies without them taking notice of it. Could it be misdirection from Google? Of course, not! The companies that took notice of the zero-click ads have already started to take actions to make use of them.

But what are the zero-click ads one might ask. These are the ads in which the person who performs the search does not have to click on any ad to find the answer to their query. For example, if someone asks Google the definition of investment bonds, an answer will appear right on top of the Google results that will satisfy the person who entered the question in the search box.

This particular answer from Google is not an asset of the search engine. In fact, it is a small snippet from a very long piece written on some website. However, since it answers the question, Google puts this snippet on top to provide the internet user with an instant answer, without even clicking on the link of the website.

Is Google taking credit and money away from the companies by providing their content to the searchers and not letting them land on their websites? Not at all! Google gives due credit to the company by providing the link of the company right beneath the snippet. This is the ad of the company from which Google has picked the snippet to provide the answer to the searcher.

Yes, it is a complete ad of the company with not just the link to the page but also the title of the page in bold. Google can even provide a small image with the ad if it is available on the page. This ad is separated from the rest of the results and is enclosed in a box.

The most important thing for companies is that they have to be among the top searched and ranked companies on Google to be the ones whose snippet is furnished on top of the search results. Usually, readers looking for a detailed answer would instantly click on the ad of the company after reading the snippet. It is a wonderful way to get traffic on the website and also a perfect way for Google to provide its users with valuable information.

Now, there is a competition among companies to keep their content so informative that it is their snippet that gets picked by Google. The easier and more valuable the content is to the users, the higher the chances of it getting picked by Google. Yes, that’s another perfect tactic by the search engine giant to make people ditch the old “keyword stuffed” content and create more informative content for the internet users.

The Competition Is On

The most amazing thing about digital marketing trends is that they create an atmosphere of competition among the companies. It is always a competition for businesses to come up with the perfect way first to attract the audience. The abovementioned trends are new and hence less saturated. The competition is on for companies to come up with ways to make digital marketing even better.

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