Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


Are you struggling to identify digital marketing strategies that work for your business? Are you overwhelmed by the options at your disposal and worried that you will end up wasting money on ineffective campaigns? One of the biggest complications associated with digital marketing is that its platforms and strategies continue to change on a regular basis. While testing tactics and variables in marketing, businesses often get trapped in the mindset of using a single strategy because it has worked consistently and quite well in the past. However, it is essential to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing or else it will not provide the desired results.

Other than that, businesses also need to know that there are some major mistakes they need to avoid in their digital marketing campaigns in 2019 to get the most out of their efforts. What are these mistakes? Let’s take a look:

Not optimizing landing pages

When was the last time you visited your favorite site and didn’t know where exactly you need to go to find what you are after? One of the best ways a business can increase its conversions is to test and collect user data when they visit certain pages of a website. This data can then be used for determining what variables on the landing page lead to the highest number of conversions and then using them in the right way to increase them even more. The problem is that many businesses don’t optimize their landing pages and this is often the reason for high bounce rates.

Overspending on Google and Facebook ads

There is no denying that Google and Facebook ads can be useful for generating leads, but one common digital marketing mistake that businesses make is considering throwing money in ads enough. Lots of startups invest a considerable sum into these ads, hoping that it will turn out to be a magical solution that will boost their sales and get them thousands of customers. Eventually, they get little or no results and then realize that they have wasted their money. Consumers do not like ads and chances are they won’t respond to them the way you want. Therefore, it is best to only use them for gaining exposure and not invest all your resources in advertisements.

Not implementing retargeting

Even though it is quite simple, retargeting is a very underutilized and undervalued tactic of digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C; every business needs to understand their target audience and their needs. Any user who comes to your website and doesn’t return should be seen as a missed opportunity. Businesses spend considerable time and effort in driving traffic to their website, but it is rare for users to make a purchase on their first visit. To get visitors to return to your website, retargeting is useful. Even when visitors leave your website, they will see your ads on every website they visit and this will convince them to return to you.

Not doing proper keyword research

Keywords are crucial for a business because they are how people discover a business on the internet. Tons of people use the internet for finding solutions to their problems and you can use engaging content to solve these issues. However, if you don’t use the right keywords, your content will not show up in their search results. 94 percent of all organic traffic comes from Google due to which it is essential for a business to use the right keywords if it wants to boost traffic to its website. When trying to pick keywords, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think of what you would search on the web to find your products.

Spending very little time on personalization

Customers often complain about press releases crowding their social media feeds and unopened sales pitches filling their email inbox. These methods only irritate customers because they ignore their needs so they don’t bother acknowledging them. If you don’t personalize your emails and press releases, you will be just another salesman. Personalization doesn’t have to eat up your time and budget. Even small changes like a personal salutation at the beginning of an email can have a huge impact.

Creating content that doesn’t boost conversions

Lead conversion is the essence of digital marketing. If your content is not engaging and inspiring enough to prompt a user to click on a Call to Action or purchase a product, then it will be considered a failure. Bear in mind that well-written and attractive content will only be considered useful if it helps in serving a purpose. Content doesn’t convert because people don’t think about customer objections, focus on the features of the product rather than its benefits, rush the sell and don’t link the content to an offer.

Not promoting content properly

Another huge digital marketing mistake that’s too common these days is not promoting your content the right way. Businesses pay a lot of attention on content creation and succeed in creating powerful and attractive content, but they fail to promote it the right way so it doesn’t generate the results they expect. Marketers need to be active on social media and share content on all their channels when your audience is most likely to read it.

Not tracking your ROI

Last, but not the least, another notable mistake that businesses make is not tracking their ROI (Return on Investment). You need to track and analyze every aspect of your marketing campaign from the beginning till the end. There are numerous tracking tools that can be handy in identifying areas where you need to focus more as they generate leads and can also tell you what to eliminate as its eating your money. This helps in creating a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

These are the top digital marketing mistakes that businesses need to avoid in 2019 in order to get the best results from their campaign.

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