Top Digital Marketing Trends you Need to Know in 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends you Need to Know in 2019

Simply put, there is no business that can afford to ignore digital marketing today. Yes, an effectively implemented advertising and marketing campaign can undoubtedly fulfill the needs of a business and increase the demand for their offerings, but things have changed considerably. Marketing is still crucial for every business, but where it is most effective has now changed. If you want to go where your audience is at, you have to be active online. Since the 1990s, the influence of the digital landscape has grown steadily and only a few decades later, it has become a major environment for most people around the world.

The internet has become the place to be due to streaming content, social media and the ease of consuming or creating digital content. When you do shift to digital marketing, there are some trends you need to know in 2019:

Facebook is peaking

While Facebook remains the number 1 social media network still, there has been some changes in its user base. The platform has experienced a drop in popularity amongst the younger demographic due to the data breach in 2018 and being used for political propaganda. However, the number of senior users on the platform has increased. Digital marketers need to consider their target market before they decide to use Facebook as it might be unsuitable if they are after a younger demographic.

Instagram is gaining popularity

Luckily for Facebook, their greatest competitor is no competitor at all since they purchased Instagram. The image and video-based social media network has made it incredibly easy for users to share their photos and videos from their smartphones, which has become the most ubiquitous computing device these days. The meteoric rise of Instagram has already enabled it to surpass one billion users. In addition, most of its user base comprises of the younger demographic, which is highly coveted.

Chatbot use is increasing

Chatbots refers to a special form of software that serves as a virtual ‘concierge’ by communicating with people and helping them in finishing their goals. Chatbots interact with people quite normally and mostly use chat windows, although verbal interactions are also an option. Facebook is already using chatbots for numerous tasks. This sophisticated software can easily handle a myriad of functions such as customer support functions or providing weather reports. Through bots, customers can be provided with focused and personalized interactions without putting a burden on human resources.

Video has become essential

YouTube is the go-to platform for watching videos, but social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also made use of them because video marketing can provide the best of both worlds. These days, videos can provide accurate and reliable digital metrics on how your efforts are performing. Plus, they allow brands to capture and convey plenty of information about their business and personality and do so in an engaging way.

Good content is still important

There have been various changes in digital marketing over the years, but content marketing has stayed consistent. The only change in this tactic is that there is more emphasis on nuance in terms of content. There is no denying that quality will always remain important, but now there is greater interest in taking a closer look at the intended recipients. Having a more sophisticated and deeper understanding of a target market and being able to focus on them more precisely has become a rising trend. This indicates that content continues to be important, but you can get impressive results with specialized content for specific audiences and industries.

Email should be more personalized

Thousands of people around the world are under the misconception that email is a thing of the past. This is definitely not true as email marketing continues to be a strong force even today. It remains a major channel for communication and billions are using it these days for commercial, personal, legal, industrial, scientific and academic reasons. But, email marketing has evolved quite a lot and in 2019, sending generic emails to your audience is not going to work.

Today, personalization has become a popular trend in email marketing. Emails are now triggered to something specific like a user checking out a particular product and then following up with a demo video or promotional price in a personalized email. This is quite effective, especially when re-targeting techniques are also combined with it.

Voice interaction is on the rise

Thanks to smart devices using Siri, Alexa and Google, verbal interaction with devices is on the rise. What does this tell us about digital marketing? It shows that talking is preferred by people when it comes to interacting and now technology is finally catching up to the way people do their shopping, conduct a search or find new things. However, this is an interesting challenge for digital marketers because voice search is different from text-based search. When you search through text, you see results one page at a time. In voice search, one or only a handful of results will be shown. Therefore, marketers need to take a different approach to optimize for voice search.

Live video is different than yet important

As mentioned above, video is a very useful tool, but live video is one of the rising starts in digital marketing. This is partly because of the widespread use of streaming services that allow people to stream videos with ease. Live streaming can deliver even more powerful results when it is combined with influencer marketing. No matter what influencer you are using, having them conduct a live stream and interact directly with comments can be quite appealing to the audience.

These are some of the digital marketing trends that every marketer needs to know right now in order to leverage them in their favor. As long as you incorporate them in your overall digital marketing plan, your business will be able to gain the presence and exposure it desires and reap its benefits in the long run.

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