Top DOs and DON’Ts ofSocial Media Strategies

Top DOs and DON’Ts ofSocial Media Strategies

There are a lot of businesses out there that use social media and networking websites to market their business, but they do not yield the desired results. While the main purpose is to get information across to the target audience, it’s not just about writing a message and clicking send, it’s the way the message is portrayed. Social media marketing strategies are meant to market the business, product or brand name to the people.

How to Implement Social Media Strategies

  1. Authenticity: Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn being used, reality is key. What would you respond to, a message copy-pasted from another site because it somehow comes close to what you want to say or something that, when read, comes off as being well-thought out and relating to the audience? Definitely, the latter and this is what many lack when using social media sites as marketing platforms. People quickly lose interest in posts and tweets that seem patronising and detached from the target audience.

  1. Creativity: Sending a message is not restricted to writing it. Photos, music and videos are more methods of sending messages to people. The same can be applied in social media marketing strategies. Instead of just writing down what happens when a certain product is bought or used, endeavour to show the human side of it. This is represented better in the form of pictures and videos. With posts, however, creativity demands that you say goodbye to copy-pasting. It’s better to tweak a post before putting it on your timeline, whether you got it from another social media site or you thought of it. Ensure it can connect with the target audience.

The Dos of Social Media Marketing

Interaction: This is a strategy that can become quite hard to master, being able to move the target audience to action. If you take time to interact with prospective customers and clients, commenting on their posts, they’ll know you’re there. Asking questions related to the product will draw out the audience’s feelings on the matter and a solution for you.

Diversify: This is in relation to the types of media you use when marketing. Social media sites are growing at an alarmingly high rate. Therefore you need something better each time to hold the interest of the target audience. Info-graphics and videos have proven to be best as they can be easily shared in the social media sites.

The Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Ignoring the Audience: This shows that you don’t have any interest in what the target audience thinks about your product or whether they have questions regarding it. If there’s a question from a prospective client and you ignore it, fail on your part.

Conversing with a Robot: when people interact with you through social media, it should be as if you’re right in front of them and they’re listening. Conversational content should be key and if this isn’t being done, consider having a change in your marketing plan.

Social media marketing strategies have proved to be worth the investment as they get the company’s name and product the much needed exposure. If used correctly, this form of marketing can be the best decision you’ve ever made in business.

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