Worst Social Media Tips That You Must Not Follow; Know These Before It’s Late

Worst Social Media Tips That You Must Not Follow; Know These Before It’s Late

Worst Social Media Tips That You Must Not Follow; Know These Before It’s Late

Social media has played a vital role in giving some of the biggest businesses of today reach at the point they are at. With all the things being said about the benefits of using social media for business presence, there are things that don’t make much sense. These pieces of advice given by people are either based on incomplete research or personal observations. At times people would give such advice because they are looking to promote a particular platform or business only. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice that were given to people on internet.

Facebook Is Everything

We understand that Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world but it doesn’t mean it is everything. Saying this is like saying that Apple is the only company you should know about when buying a smartphone while completely neglecting Sony, Samsung, LG etc. When it comes to social media you couldn’t emphasize more on the importance of Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and some other big names. Google + is probably most weighted contender here since your Google + presence means top ranks in its search engine results.

You Need To Use All Social Networking Platforms

This is like an opposite of the first one. While Facebook is not everything, everything isn’t important. First, we can’t count the number of social networks that exist today. Second, you just can’t manage them all at the same time. Last, not all social networks will suit you and your business.

Keep Posting And Just Keep Posting

It is a good thing to be regular with your social networking posts and blogging but that never means you should never stop. The more you post the more you will run out of ideas. Next thing you know you will be posting about stuff that’s either not your cup of tea or is so insipid and uninspiring that your followers will start to stop following you.

Remove The Online Negativity That Prevails About Your Brand

Social media tools like “mention” allow you to monitor and get notifications of your brand mentions. They allow you to comment on them too, but it really doesn’t mean you can remove all negativity about your brand. That’s not natural, possible and plausible. Some negativity will always exist. In fact, the struggle to remove negativity might pull you into arguments that are considered the reputation killers in the online world.

Who Needs Emails When There’s Social Media?

You could never underestimate the importance of email marketing and a database of emails. All your new promotions, product launches and other news are best communicated with your customers through email. Furthermore, every visitor that comes on your website will not always be a follower or fan on your social networking profile.

Use The Prevailing And Popular Hashtags

Anything associated with your online posts and content that is not relevant to what your content is about will make you look weird, unprofessional and out of place. Popular hashtags are for popular posts that are about things that are named in the hashtags.

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